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The fashion group Cult Club is dedicated to people who are undoubtedly in love with fashion. A rich priceless experience and our passion for fashion are married together in this project. It is an unbelievable place, created specifically for you and representing a new level of comfort, privacy and exclusivity. In the last ten years of the last century the fashion world was washed by a wave of luxury and chic beyond the boundaries of the huge fashion houses, sweeping up small ateliers as well as magazine editors, photographers, models and desperate fashion victims. The beginning of the new century became a real triumph for fashion and stylish individuals. You can feel yourself how the passion of this tempting world, overwhelming and wonderful, catches you in a moment and never sets you free. It is impossible to be in love with fashion just a little bit or even just halfway. Having once plunged into the fashion world, you understand that this is a lifelong journey. Fashion is not just wearing outfits from the latest collections, blindly following trends and copying celebrities’ clothing. At the Cult Club we understand that real fashion is always higher and always more than just a momentary impression and a wish to possess this or that item. It is a style and quality of life, which you create by yourself for yourself every second. It is a designer purse or a tenth birthday ring - special items which you’ll proudly pass to your daughter as a heritage. It is a collection of limited books, dedicated to great modern designers. It is the collector’s passion for beautiful things and the atmosphere surrounding them. It is air which you breathe. Fashion is like litmus, identifying the true nature of each individual. You can enjoy all of this – it is your privilege at the Cult Club.