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About Cult Club

The tasteful and exquisite interior of the showroom is designed in the style of the villas owned by Hollywood's golden era film stars. The style of the 1930s fills the entire space - clean lines of marble slabs, the deep gloss of the lacquered finish contrasts with the quiet beige walls and velvet feel of the leather. The play of light and shadow, fullness and emptiness, the black and white builds an almost musical rhythm in the interior. The chic minimalism of Art Deco is designed not to distract your attention from the main performers of this space – the collections of brilliant designers. And do not be deceived by deliberate design simplicity - all components of the interior and finishes are made exclusively of luxurious materials and fine wood and stone. The mastery lies in the details.

The most effective and elegant details in the interior of the showroom are black and white marble composite slabs with infused flecks.  The geometric pattern is based on the classic element of dйcor in ancient Greece - meander. Thanks to the purity of proportions and strict geometry this key pattern visually "builds" a vast space in the showroom. Composition in Art Deco style is supported by the lacquered ceiling with low geometric shapes of embedded LED lamps, thin plates of marble and onyx inserted into the walls, and special metallic plaster. Furniture designed in the style of elegant minimalism and made of fine wood with a luxurious finish fits perfectly into the neat interior.

In two spacious living & fitting rooms you can spend many pleasant and productive hours. The apartment, decorated in refined style of Art Deco, is divided into two parts - comfortable rooms for trying on clothing and a seating area for resting and making important fashion decisions. The architectural firm Architetto Fernando Mosca designed the space– gloss of white metal, muted softness of the carpet and the satin glow of a luxurious lamp. Elegant furniture also recalls the luxury and glamour of the 1930s. Sofa, coffee table and ottomans are made in the style of classical Art Deco - dark velvet, chrome elements and mirrored surfaces. In the color scheme the choice has been made in favor of the royal tints: violet and silver.